About NPN
A Hybrid Group
North Pittsburgh Network (NPN) was founded by Colleen Anthony and Brian Stumpf out of the desire for something different when it comes to Networking, Business Growth and Giving Back to the Community. Some members refer to NPN as a "Hybrid" Networking group, by definition; hy•brid: a thing made by combining two different elements, does in fact represent the concept in which our group was established.
The concept is simple and is defined via our Mission Statement:
"Build Relationships and Trust, Grow our respective Businesses, and Help Others along the way."
A New Way To Network
Each member is considered elite in their respective industry with both products/services and above all, customer satisfaction. Our group is for the self-motivated, ambitious and seasoned business professional. Because of this, we are highly selective in adding new NPN members.
Our members possess the genuine desire to help others. It starts with our customers and spreads over into our community. NPN seeks to advocate for charity and non-profits throughout our region. We come together with respect, trust and a mission to contribute whatever we can to support each other's growth as well as our community.

Best Business Networking Group in Pittsburgh, PA

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